ripping vinyl for the first time... am I doing it right?

Hi, I have no idea if I’m ripping vinyl correctly and would like some guidance on how to create great quality rips.

I’m using a macbook OS X v. 10.9.4 laptop, two technic 1210’s and a DJM 800 mixer. I also have traktor audio 6 which runs from the record port of the DJM 800 to the laptop with a USB cable.

so I make sure that the USB cable is plugged in before opening audacity (seems to work better that way). my audacity preferences are as follows…

-96000 sample rate
-24 bit rate

I also make sure the traktor audio 6 box is selected and that it also says stereo (2 channel)

after ive recorded the rip I will usually cut the unwanted audio from the beginning and end and then add a amplify effect and maybe a normalise if needed? is this correct? is there any way in which I can improve this process? thanks.

Have a start with a read of this set of tutorials in the Manual:

This one will be particularly useful:


Oh and the USB one will be useful too:


-96000 sample rate -24 bit rate

People get in trouble with advanced sample and bit rates. They produce enormous sound files for the work and there was a recent poster who found some compressed sound formats (like MP3? He didn’t say which ones) didn’t accept them.