Rhythm track being recorded onto new teacks

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New to audacity still playing with the settings and recording test tracks however my issue is with the rhythm track or click track whatever you want to call it, I’m recording with my ur22 mk2 interface and stmo1 mic and stho1 headphones plugged into the interface witch is fine and dandy everything is recognized and working very well, now I’ve tried absolutely everything that I can think of to stop this damn click track from recording onto my new tracks I love using it for timing but I’ll lay down some tasty licks and play it back and there’s that damn click even when the click track is muted or completely removed., I’ve turned overdub off but then I can’t hear the click when recording the new track if I turn it on then it gets recorded onto the new track I’ve been playing with settings for 2 days now and I’m at a loss any help would be hugely appreciated


Make sure you’ve selected the USB interface as your [u]Recording Device[/u]. (There are options to record what’s coming out of your soundcard/interface and you don’t want to do that.)

Can you explain with more detail? I apologize I’m not very tech smart and I’ve never used an interface before, I’ve gone through settings on audacity and on my pc and everything Appears to be ok I feel like I’m missing something or I may have messed with some settings somewhere even if I don’t use the metronome and just lay down a guitar track then record bass or vocals or whatever and everything gets recorded onto new track unless of course I mute the previously recorded track or disable the overdub

I think you got stuck with one of the new options.

People complained bitterly about not being able to add new work to the end of an existing track, so that’s an option now.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording > Options.


I believe i am having the same issue. Even though i MUTE the metronome feature, i still hear clicks in the recording. This is so frustrating! This has never been a problem before. WTF?

You can hear what i mean in the attachment

As DVDdoug alludes to, above, check that your selected recording device is selected in your device toolbar. It sometimes helps to do Transport > Scan Audio Devices before you do so.

If you are still having difficulties, see Tutorial - Multi-track Overdubbing

I hope this helps. :smiley:

It’s a click track if you produced tick sounds from the Generate tools, It can be a drum track if you live-recorded you or someone actually playing drums. A generic “backing track” is anything you’re playing into your headphones and performing to.

The goal of overdubbing is to produce a new, clean performance recording by itself.

There are a few different ways you can get stuck with multiple copies of the backing track.

– You can have Audacity set to intentionally include the backing track by accident. Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording > [_]Playthrough should not be selected.

– You almost have to be on wired headphones for an overdub performance. Speakers need not apply. Wireless headphones have interesting problems with sound routing, timing, and quality issues.

– You can have leaky headphones. Headphone sound can be so loud that it leaks out past your head and into the microphone. This is where “affordable” headphones are a problem. Big and sealed are good.

– You need to be recording from a real thing you can touch and feel. USB Audio CODEC is the name of my microphone interface. It’s a real thing I can reach over and touch. Stereo-Mix is a fake or virtual device designed to push sound pathways around for special effects. I can record from it, but I can’t reach over and touch it. Stereo-Mix and its sisters can create overdubbing damage.

– You can’t have any other sound software running in the background. No Zoom, Skype, or other communications or chat program. Turn them all off and restart the computer. If possible disconnect from the network.

– You can have more than one of those problems.

– You can have a playback problem as well. At the end of your overdub pass, you have to press SOLO on the left of your new track to hear your new performance by itself. Just Selecting your new track won’t do it. Selecting will play your new work and the backing track.

– A recent forum post points out that your performance can’t be virtual instruments. The computer settings to record virtual instruments and settings for overdubbing are incompatible.


Hi did you resolved this problem? I have exact same issue and really struggling. :blush: :blush: