How to disable (or remove the beats) the Rhythm track being recorded into the new track?

Hi All, I have the same problem as this post -

The problem is I am unable to disable the Rhythm track being recorded into the new track in Audacity.

My set up:
Audacity 2.4.2
Audio interface: Roland quad capture Audio interface, Using Virtual instruments kontakt running on Windows 10 with Grand Piano sound effect, through digital piano via USB-midi interface to Audio interface.

What I try to do is to record my piano playing (via kontakt) and record with Audacity. I created the Rhythm track in Audacity used as an metronome while recording my piano playing, however the new piano track always recorded the beats from the Rhythm track, which was not what I wanted. I am hoping either I disable the Rhythm track beats being recorded into the new track (While still need to hear during the recording as metronome) or to remove the beats from the new track after finishing the recording.

I have been really stuggling to get this to work for quite some time, really appreciate if anyone has a solution.

I also took a few screenshots as attached. please feel free to have a look.


How does the sound from kontakt get into Audacity?

The problem is that Audacity’s playback is being routed back into Audacity’s input. I suspect that is because your system is configured to capture all sound being played from the computer and send it to Audacity. I suspect that you will need to use a different app (not Audacity) that directly supports virtual instruments - perhaps “Reaper”.

Hi Steve, I guess that might be the case. I cannot think of a way of using Audacity and avoid / remove the rhythm track being recorded, as you mentioned, Audacity just Simplily records everything played from the computer which includes all sound from itself.

Hmm…(scratching the back of his head…) I wonder if there is a way to send the rhythm track out on the right channel, then record both returning channels and keep only the left channel…

Hi Y., Did you ever figure this out? I did with my previous Windows PC, but it has been so long I’ve forgotten how. I should have written it down. Why would anyone want a click track in their recordings. Frustrating.