Restart timer record and append to existing track

Normally, I can stop a recording then restart by appending to the track.
There are times when I have a timer recording that I have to stop.
When I restart the timer recording, I would like to append the new audio
to the same track I have and not have to add a new track.
I await responses with worm on tongue.

With Audacity 2.4.2 you will need to save the project before you can run Timer Record again.
After saving the project, click on the track, then Timer Record will append to that track.

It did not seem to happen for me.
It creates a new track on my system.

Which version of Audacity are you using?

Since I am now in a serious timer recording session, the software locks me out from seeing the version.
It should be the latest one if not one-removed.

Please check when your recording is done.

This works reliably for me, but I’m on Linux. Perhaps someone on Windows can check, but this should be the same on all platforms. The Project must be saved and the track must be selected.

Yep, looks as if I am following the directions. I tried it a few more times, no appends, just start a new track.

BTW: I am using 2.4.2 Version.

So what is your setting in Recording preferences for “Record on a new track” ?

If that is checked “on”, than yes recording will start in a new track.


Good one, could be it.
I am presently running a timer-record and am locked out from looking at the setting.
When the opportunity shows up, I will check and post accordingly.
This could be as early as Monday Morning 3am.

Mischief Managed.
It works now that they box is unchecked.

:slight_smile: :sunglasses: