Repeat last action

There is shortcut CTRL+R to repeat last effect.
Would it be possible to add shortcut repeat last action (which is not effect) ?

I’m sure that would be possible, and I think it’s a very good idea.

Is it operating now in the latest version ?

As shown in the current manual, “Ctrl+R” is still “Repeat Last Effect

Votes are logged on the Feature Requests page of the Audacity wiki for:

  • Repeat last used generator: Like “Repeat CTRL + R” but for Generators.
  • Repeat last used analyzer: Like “Repeat CTRL + R” but for Analyzers.
  • Repeat last used Tool: Like “Repeat CTRL + R” but for Tools.

Could you add my vote to this feature of “Repeat last action” ?


Thanks a lot, Steve.


Not just a Feature Request - one of the developers (who goes by the pseudonym of Jademan on this Forum) picked this up and implemented it - so it should be in the upcoming 3.0.0 release of Audacity. :sunglasses:


Thanks Peter. :smiley:

Well, actually it is being implemented as 3 new commands as steve indicated:

With a bit communication lag, thanks a lot waxcylinder, it’s great news.
I see 3.0.0 is now released, but it’s for Windows 10. I am on Windows 7 and would rather stay on it. Anyone tried 3.0.0 on Win 7 ?

We have received a couple of reports indicating that Audacity seems to be at least mostly OK on Windows 7, but please note that we no longer support Windows 7 because it is obsolete. I’d suggest that you stick with your current version of Audacity if it is working OK for you.

Thank you, Steve, for your answer. I’ll do so then.

Is there a way to implement a “Repeat last action” in a Nyquist plugin. What I am looking for is a repeat on editing action, like cutting 20 ms on an audio track and redoing so on several other places around. I would think it might be feasible with Nyquist code. Would it be so ?

No, Nyquist cannot “repeat last action”.

It sounds like you should be able to do that with a Macro:

OK, thank you. I’ll look it up.

Hi, Steve,
I come back to this matter as I have not been able to make A macro that would do this up to now. For instance, if I cut 10ms at some cursor position and want the “Redo” command to do this again at some other cursor position, the “Redo” command responds with “Nothing to redo”… Don’t you think a Nyquist plugin could help to get the “Redo” command to have some memory of the previous cut just made so that it could repeat it at any new place I put the select cursor on ?

OK, never mid. I just succeeded to build a Nyquist plugin to apply the selection cut I mentionned, so it’s fine now.