Repair tool complaining about too many samples selected

I’m running Audacity 2.4.2 on Sonoma 14.2.1 (MacBook Air). Suddenly I’m getting complaints from Audacity when I try to either manually run the Repair tool from the menu, or a macro which automatically is supposed to select up to 128 samples before and after the cursor.

According to the ‘start and end of selection’ indicator, the selected area is only from 48,560,056 to 48,560,121 samples, i.e. 55 samples. Less than half of what’s supposed to be allowed. My sample rate I usually keep at either 44.1k or 48k, no radical changes.

Even so, 128 should be 128, period, right? As I said, this is a sudden and recently-surfacing apparent bug.

Thoughts? TIA

I just tested on W10 with 3.4.2 latest release - and 2.4.2 same version as you are using.
I can’t tun Sonoma as my Macbook Pro is too old to support the latest macOSs

I cannot replicate this (testing with 55 samples selected) - works fine for me.

When I used to use Repair a lot (LP digitization) I used to have my Selection toolbar set to hh:mm:ss + samples and set to show Start and Length to make the job of selecting up to 128 samples a bit easier.

If you’d care to share your macro I can give it a try with that too.


In the effort of editing my first post to add in the screenshot, I redid the math on the start and end sample points. And I was off by 10. Should be 65 samples, which is not under a half of the 128, but slightly over a half. Even so, still not fully 128!


You Macro works fine for me. I used 1 second of generated Noise for my test.

It took me a while to figure out that the relative Start time had to be a negative number - my ageing eyes didn’t spot that in the screenshot I took of your macro.

The manual is a little unclear/opaque on that on the Scripting Reference page (which is where I went for guidance on the Select Time command):
I’ll see what I can do about that for the alpha manual for the upcoming 3.5.0 release (I am the currebt manual editor).

I’m assuming that when using this you also have a shortcut set to invoke this little macro - a cute way of automating repair methinks :sunglasses:


OK so I added a little note on the Scripting Reference page for the 3.5 manual:

I also added extra links to Scripting Reference on the How To Use Audacity page to make that easier to find:

And a further link on the Macros page.


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