Rendering individual tracks

Hey guys. First of all, thank you all for the speedy and accurate replies.
I have a little suggestion about stacked RT effects, so instead of creating a new thread, I’ll post it here.

Moderator note: I split this off into a new thread of its own - Peter

PS: To clarify, the idea here is to apply mix and render function on each track to allow functional stacked RT ‘special’ effects.

Could also be included here.
Render on track.png


I actually filed an enhancement request a year ago (12Jan22) for the first of your 2 suggestions:

Proposal: add a new Tracks menu command for rendering tracks #2418

It was formally accepted by Muse as a Feature Request later that month and the assigned P2 priority in March 2022 - but since then has lain untouched.

I gave it a slight bump in December following a relevant Forum post, but got no response. I will add your thread from here to that issue thread as a sccond bump.

I like your second suggestion for a render command in the real-time effects stack - so I will either add that to the existing issue thread or start a new enhancement request for that,


I’ve posted a couple of plug-ins to that proposal that provide this sort of functionality.

This is probably the most useful of the two. It renders each selected track (individually). If you want to render all tracks, just press “Ctrl + A” (select All) before applying the plug-in.

When installed and enabled, the plug-in appears in the “Tools” menu.
RenderSelectedTracks.ny (503 Bytes)

Thank you Peter. :smiley:

Awesome. I’ll try it out. Thanks Steve.

Great work guys, as always.