Removing tracks

After a file has been saved, is it possible to go back and remove individual tracks and/or their names?

Yes, just select what you want to remove and click Edit>Delete (k/b shortcut CTRL+K).

Be careful if you have a label track as well as an Audio track - if you selct just one of them the tracks will not align any more. So what you need to do in this case is to select both the Audio and the label track by clicking across and downwards and then doing the delete. Note that if you are using the Beta Audacity 1.3.x, then the software should help in deleleting whole labelled tracks as it will try to select on the track boundary - you will see a vertical yellow line as it homes in on the track boundary.


Thank you so very much. It worked like a charm. Jim


Just to be properly compulsive and keep you out of trouble, you did not save a file. You saved an Audacity Project which is a cloud of different files that make up your show. Because it’s not a single sound file (yet), you can go back in later and change it all around. The down side is you can’t move your show between hard drives or between machines. You can’t delete or move any of your original sound clips, either, and you can’t email anything to anybody.

To get a single sound file that you can email to somebody, you need to use one of the Export options. Export as WAV… or Export As MP3…

If you have a show you like very much, I would Export As WAV… and make a safety copy sound file. Audacity Projects are brittle and if you do anything evil by accident, you still have your completed show–even though you can’t easily go in and continue editing.