Removing click sound in audacity

My audio files is full of click sound - I have tried to remove it by using EFFECT > CLICK REMOVAL but no matter how much adjustment I do in the settings the click sound won’t go away.

Is there any method to remove clicks from audio files.

I think the crucial question here is, why is your recording full of click sounds?
Tell us about your set-up, what you were recording and how you were recording it.

The “Repair” effect (Audacity Manual) works very well, but only on one click at a time. If there are a lot of clicks it will take forever to go through them all.

i am using blue yeti microphone and i am recording my voice.

A common cause of clicks when using a USB device is that the USB is unable to keep up with the constant stream of audio data.

If the computer CPU usage goes too high (for example when running CPU intensive applications at the same time) then the USB port is made to wait, which causes some data to be lost and a “click” when it resumes. Avoid running other programs at the same time as recording unless you know that your computer can handle it without clicks.

Avoid using USB hubs.
An audio interface should not be made to share the same USB connection as other USB devices. Plug the mic directly into a USB socket on the computer.
Sometimes one computer USB port may work better than another. If you are using a full size computer, try the USB ports on the back - they are usually directly mounted onto the motherboard and may perform better.

Ensure that your hard drive is not too full. A full hard drive performs less well than one with plenty of free space. As a rough rule of thumb, ensure that there is at least 10% free disk space on all hard drives at all times.

Ensure that your computer has enough free RAM. Audacity is not particularly hungry for RAM unless you are making very long recordings, but low RAM can cause data to be swapped from RAM to disk which will slow down the entire system.

Other measures for improving performance for audio recording are described here:
and here:

hello steve.

thanks for your in-depth explanation - it makes sense - however despite taking care of your suggestions the click sounds are still coming when i am recording - is there any other way to remove the click sound - like the way we can remove background noise by “Noise Removal” function.

for me having recorded 5 hours of audio it will be easier to correct the existing one than recording again.

thanks in advance for your help!

If it was me I would try using Brian Davies’ ClickRepair - you can even get a 21-day free-trial - and this may be all you need for this task: see this sticky thread: Click/pop removal - ClickRepair software

I’ve used this software on much of my LP transcriptions with excellent results.


Hi waxcylinder,

thanks for the info!

can i check somehow if the ClickRepair is the right tool for my needs?

As previously explained we won’t hold your hand and show you how to use ClickRepair because it is not our software. ClickRepair has a free trial. You can try if you cannot work out how to use ClickRepair after reading their help files.

As I asked, is picosong - upload a mp3 or song, get a link to it! an example of a file you want to declick, or not? ClickRepair is not likely to help with that file. If that is the audio you want to clean up, then you want a de-esser plug-in like and put a Pop filter in front of your microphone.