remove unwanted sound hidden in vocal

Windows 7, Audacity 2.3.3


I know there are tons of info regarding noise removal, but my problem is the unwanted sound is hidden in vocal, for example, there are some mouse click sound within vocal, and the unwanted sound is not in between vocal.

for example, my vocal lyric is “billie jean…not my love”…the mouse click sound is within the “my” word. How do i remove it?

Thanks a lot

You probably can’t, though it may be possible to reduce it.
If you post that short sample as a WAV file, we can take a look to see what, if anything, can be done.

Dear Steve,

Thanks for your reply.

Attached is the WAV.

In this case, the lyrics is “maybe i can count my breath” and the unwanted tongue or saliva (i dont know what sound is that actually) within both the “I” and “can” word.

How do i reduce it?

Thanks a lot.

You could try locating the noises by looking at the track spectrogram view
Then use “Spectral Delete” to remove the noises.

Here’s a quick before / after (not perfect, but just to give an idea)

Here’s another attempt

Dear All,

Thank you so much.

I have to read the spectogram user manual in detail (it is something very new to me) and will try to work on it as well.

Thank you once again.

Dear All,


I am trying to edit the spectral on my own for the attached WAV, to remove unwanted sound (sounds like tongue voice) in “I” and “sleep” of the lyric “weight on me i can’t sleep”.

  1. Also attached is the spectogram. Are the circle showing the unwanted noise? if it is not, how do i identify it?

  2. There is no “spectral delete” function in my “effect” drowdown. I only see “spectral edit multi tool”, “spectral edit parametric EQ” and “spectral edit shelves”. Would any of these able to delete the unwanted sound?

Many thanks

spectogram view.PNG

Spectral Delete was only introduced in the recently released 2.4.1 (you stated earlier you were using 2.3.3)


Dear All,


I am also studying the spectogram as attached for the first uploaded WAV file before it was corrected by Steve and Julius.

  1. How do you identify which color is the unwanted sound?

  2. Let say i did spectral selection, is that possible to do a playback for that spectral selected to listen if that is the unwanted sound?

Many thanks
spectogram - maybe i can count my breath.PNG

The vertical lines that I’ve marked here are probably clicks.
You have to play and listening carefully and try to match up what you hear with what you see. (High frequencies at the top, low frequencies at the bottom, brighter colours when louder).


No you can’t - but it’s an interesting thought …


Actually there is a way, though it’s a bit convoluted:

  1. Duplicate the track
  2. Invert the duplicated track
  3. To hear just the original track, mute the duplicate.

Note that if the inverted duplicate track is unmuted, it will exactly “cancel out” the original track.

  1. Apply the spectral deletion to the first track.
  2. Unmute the inverted duplicate track.

The inverted duplicate track will no longer completely cancel out the first track. What you now hear is the difference between the two tracks (the part that you have deleted).