Remove tracks effects ALL not just selected trk!!

Help trying to CTRL X or delete track from menu and can’t seem to do so without the whole project and several other tracks all deleting at the same time!

Also may be related to the fact that I see alot of duplicated tracks below first few visible ones which I didn’t even know existed.

Did I create these through some kind of splitting or duplicating command? Or could it be some stereo/mono issue?

Really need help with this project in next few hours as project is due, was working great at first, but something has changed it to now doing this wierd action, though it worked find to individually remove/change tracks before, any suggestions?
(latest version and windows 7)

Audacity will work on any track selected, so you have to pay attention to the highlighting colors. Click just above MUTE to select that single track and then the delete key should delete just that one track. Koz

Yes Koz is right that you need to pay attention to what is selected , but the quickest way to delete a particular track is to click on the X in the top left hand corner of its Track Control Panel - see: