Remove Silence Markers From File While Exporting as a WAV

I have a MacBook Pro running OS X Yosemite 10.10.1. I just downloaded Audacity 2.0.6.

I have created a file from a vinyl LP, and added labels at selection.

I also searched for “silences” between tracks and Audacity added selections for each of the silences found.

When I get to the point where I export the file I am asked to provide names at each silence.

How do I delete those silence selections?

I’ve never done a full-on LP, so I can’t directly tell you, but the answer may be in the WIKI for transferring vinyl.


I’m puzzled as to why you are actively adding labels - and than also marking the silences - that second step seems somewhat redundant.

I converted a lot of LPs and my workflow involved dropping labels in the inter-track gaps as I recorded. Or if I recorded it unattended (I didn’t often do that as I have four active cats!) I would make the recording and them zoom to fit the project on the screen and usually the breaks between the songs were quite clearly visible.

Another cue was that often the LP sleeve had track timings, so sometimes I would set up an empty project to record into, create a label track and mark and label the tracks from that data from the LP before starting the recording. The labels sometimes needed a slight position tweak.

Ii is possible to have multiple label tracks, so if you really do need to have your labels and the analyze silence labels what I would do is to move the label track you created to above the audio track. Then select the audio track and run the analyze silence. Audacity will create the silence analysis track under the repositioned audio track - then to get rid of it and all its silence markers you can just click on the X in the top left of that label track.

When you make an Export Multiple Audacity will always use the topmost label track for the file labelling - so you could just leave the second silence analysis track right there.

The easiest way to delete a label (from version 2.0.6 onwards) is to right click on the label and then in the dropdown menu that appears click on the “Delete Label”.


The workflow tutorial in the set that Koz pointed you at may be the most useful to you:


Thanks to all… The response from WC advising me to right click on the silence and then deleting was just what I needed to hear. As I run a MacBook Pro, there is no “right click”, but I can simultaneously depress the “fn” and “alt” keys prior to clicking on my trackpad. No drop down menu appears, but if I next depress the “delete” key the silence markers disappear. Thank you

Someone posed a question why I was adding silence markers and also labeling the beginning of each track on the LP. I am a novice to Audacity and this is only the second time I have tried to create files. I had added the silence markers before manually marking the tracks, but that attempt did not find the silence between songs. I went back and manually added the labels for the songs on the LP. Because I had both silence labels and labels added at selections, the application stopped at both my manually added labels with song names and the silence labels when I attempted to export as a WAV file. I assumed that would cause each portion to appear as separate tracks when I finally get to the point where I can play the music in iTunes. This is definitely a learning process for me. So far, I have spent at least four hours creating a four-sided vinyl album file ready for export. Once I get it exported, I need to learn how to make it playable in iTunes. I am sure I will have more questions, but the tutorials have been very helpful. I hope the second album goes faster; I have several hundred I want to transfer from vinyl analog to digital :laughing:

My really big TIP is to start out with LPs that you like the least - save the ones you really like for later after your technique has improved - otherwise (just as I did) you’ll find yourself going back to redo those early transfers :sunglasses:


I wonder if that was a right-click if you did not see “Delete Label”.

Normally you can hold CTRL and click to emulate right-click on Mac.

Try reducing the silence level and duration: Audacity Manual.