Removal of Wind Noise

Is there a logical method I should apply for removing/reducing wind noise across a microphone without effecting speech too much.
I have had a ‘play’ using the high or low pass filters but with limited success … I am not an audio expert.

Would appreciate some guidence.

Ideally the microphone should be protected from wind noise when you record by using an appropriate wind shield. Wind shields come in various shapes and sizes, from a simple foam cover to complex “blimp” assemblies with a fluffy cover (known as a “dead cat”).

Wind noise is difficult to remove. Try using the high pass filter set to about 120 Hz and the “rolloff” set to 48 dB per octave.

The big kids always use a 100Hz High Pass Filter when live recording. Effect > High Pass Filter. If the wind noise is not whump, whump, rumble but instead actual whistling or rushing, then the wind is now a permanent performer in your show.

There is a microphone cover called a “dead cat” which is designed to be used in windy environments. Recording in windy conditions is very difficult even with the right equipment.

Without and with noise suppressor.


Thanks for your very prompt replies …
Looks like I am stuck with this one … I have ordered a ‘stick on cat’ to hopefully assist in the future using inbuilt camcorder mics.
I have ordered from:
Their videos seem to illustrate good results can be got. Sometime down track I guess an ext. mike with ‘cat’ will be the way to go.