Removing wind noise

I created an instructional movie outside today, but when playing it back I found that the wind noise on the microphone was much worse than I expected.

I downloaded Audacity in the hope of finding a way of tidying it up at bit, that lead me to this forum and this post by kozikowski:
If the wind noise is not whump, whump, rumble but instead actual whistling or rushing, then the wind is now a permanent performer in your show.

That’s definitely where I am at!

I just need to clean up the sound enough to hear what I said. 75%-ish will do, I will be able to interpolate the rest from that. I’m happy to then re-record the commentary (in the quiet of my office :slight_smile: ) but trying to guess what I said, frpom scratch, is difficult for me.

Is it going to be possible to clean it up enough for that purpose? In places I am near enough to the microphone to be able to make out what I said, but in most of it that’s not the case, like the attached sample

Many thanks,


You have mischaracterized the show. It’s slight voice interference to the wind performance, not the other way 'round.

Even using some of the aggressive, brute force filtering tools I can’t get enough back to tell what you said. So you’re stuck with a reshoot.

One of the people at work suddenly, for no apparent reason started to turn in, if not excellent, then very good voice and narration tracks. I knitted my brow asked him how he was doing it and he said, “I shoot them in my car.”

[Booming kettle drum sound]

He had a normal four-door automobile (family of four) with standard padding and he would take the Canon Camcorder in there with him and announce his tracks (with the engine off). I know nothing about his exact configuration, but his tracks would come out clear, noiseless and with no echoes. Given it’s a lot easier to do this in Sunny Southern California® than, say New Jersey right now, it does work.

It would not work for me. I drive a mini-pickup truck and the passenger cab is not particularly well padded and with the sun roof, it has too much exposed glass.



You’re all heart!

Thanks for that, I’ll take better care next time. I’ll have to make-it-up-as-I-go-along a second time - and try to fit it to the video :slight_smile:

Would it be prudent to, additional to the camera mic (or maybe instead of it?) to record separately - using a lapel mic and a pocket recorder or somesuch? All the “films” I want to make are about gardening, so they are outdoors and either wind noise, or my [lack of] proximity to the camera’s mic might be/become an issue. In fact my head is not in shot, only my hands, so alternatively I could as wear a headset mic.

Thanks for you help & advice