Remix stereo left channel vocals right channel instrum

Suggestions for remixing the stereo version of “Please Please Me”, by the Beatles which is
Left Channel - only instruments
Right Channel - vocals with 6 guitar segments (2-3 sec each and 1 at 1 sec) and 4 harmonica segments (sec 7, 3.5, 2.5,3,5). The instruments are not mixed with the vocals and can be separated. Vocals can be separated into four types, Lennon only, McCartney/Harrison, Harrison (1), and all three together

End result stereo with vocals on both channels with the vocals centered.

You could make a copy of the right channel, re-label this copy as left, then invert it …

Re-label original left track as mono so the backing (drums+bass) is also centered.

The result will be dual mono rather than true stereo, but the vocals and backing will be centred rather than only coming from one side.

A pseudo-stereo effect can be created from dual mono by applying different equalization to each channel and/or putting the channels slightly out of sync.

Attached is proof of concept, (from rough Youtube version … …