regarding custom keyboard shortcuts

If I were to upgrade to a newer version, using 2.0.1 now, would the custom keyboard stuff come with? Or would I have to re-input the info?

If you are just updating from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 I think your keyboard shortcuts will be retained, but it would probably be a good idea to export a backup copy just in case. (See the Export /Import options near the bottom of this page: )

Any “custom” keyboard shortcut is written to audacity.cfg ( ) so is unaffected by a version upgrade, providing you do not choose “Reset Preferences” in the Audacity installer for the new version.


BUT as far as I recall the customized k/b shortcuts are not exported - IIRC this is a known bug …


Shortcuts for Generators, Effects and Analyzers where you have to add your own key binding are not currently exported.
As far as I’m aware, shortcuts for the standard Audacity functions should export correctly.

Yes and all other user-assigned shortcuts are exported too, except for those three menus: .


Thanks for that clarification Steve & Gale.

@Gale: is there any chance of promoting this bug to a P2 to put some focus on it so that it stands a chance of getting picked up and dealt with.


If it matters to you personally you could promote it and see if anyone objects, or have a quiet word with James.

There are many P3’s I could promote to P2, some of which were previously P2 (that is, a release blocker for 2.0.0) but which were demoted so as to get 2.0.0 out. Those bugs are quite important, because given we no longer have Beta versions of Audacity, any bug that could be considered as P2 in Beta days could be considered as P1 now.