reducing file size???

okay, I won’t say I’ve mastered anything, but I finally have Audacity doing what I had hoped: building my podcast of songs, effects, and voiceovers. I put together a one hour show, and it comes to a little over 55 MB. Trouble is, the place I planned to upload it for direct linking to an audio player has a 50MB limit. Is there a way to reduce file size (a la PDF), or can someone recommend a file storage site with a higher limit and direct linking?

You need to compress the audio more. I hope that you have either a WAV format export or the full Audacity project (aup file AND data folder).
Which version of Audacity are you using?

Audacity 1.2.6, like in my sig. I exported to mp3, which is what I need to put it up on my website, but of course I still have the whole project saved. I didn’t see any options after “export as…” that indicated I could reduce or compress the size. How do i do that?

Ummmmmm. Oh. There it is. Audacity 1.2.6. Audacity 1.2 allows you to tune the MP3 compression in the Preferences. Audacity 1.3 allows you to directly tune it in the Export step which is faster.

If you started out life at MP3 256, try dropping to 128 or whatever the next lower number is. 192?? Be sure and play some of the finished work to make sure the MP3 damage didn’t go up too high. Bubbling and gargling sound. MP3 gets its small, compressed filesizes by creating damage in the sound. It’s pretty much invisible until you start getting down to 100 or so. Then it goes up rapidly until at 64, a stereo show starts bubbling and almost everybody can hear it. Below that, it sounds like a bad answering machine

If you use a mono show, all the numbers go down by half. Serious damage starts at 32.


Thanks koz; I did find a host (dropbox) that does allow the 55MB file, and I credited you for technical assistance on my website!

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Koz, I think the clue is in the user-name


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