Recovering Audacity .aup project files that were not saved

I mistakenly quit audacity after recording an .aup file (asked me to save and ticked no) by mistake. I need to recover this is it possible

Audacity 2.4.1


I think you’re stuck.

You should save a Project or Export a sound file when you get done editing and before closing Audacity. If you didn’t do either of those things, then that’s the end of the world.

Where did the show sound come from? If you still have all the original sound files and works, then you can edit the show again.

If it’s original voice work, for example, then that’s two mistakes. Export original recordings as WAV and save them someplace safe before you start editing.


Do you have a Time Machine backup?
– Bill

Time Machine backup

Oh, right. I forgot. I’m the only breathing human that does manual Time Machines. That would do it, wouldn’t it? Time Machine your way back to before the mistake and see what can be rescued.

Have you ever pulled something out of a Time Machine backup? I remember going into a backup once to see what was there and I wasn’t entirely clear what I was supposed to do. Say you’re looking at a Time Machine at -1 Day and see something you want. I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do with that data.

I also do straight data backups of /Users. That’s dead simple, but that takes longer and needs big drives.


In the Time Machine interface just click on the file you want to restore then click the “Restore” button. Time Machine copies it into the “real” (“now”) folder.

In the OP’s case they’ll want to do it quick. Time Machine keeps fine-grained (every 15 minutes IIRC) backups for a day or two then starts discarding those to retain hourly backups, then later starts discarding those to retain daily backups, etc. The OP needs to go into the audacity settings folder, then the SessionData folder and hope they find the temp files there and can restore them to the SessionData folder. Then when they start Audacity it should go into Project Recovery.

– Bill

No, there’s two of us in that club Koz.

I have two 2TB backup disks in Manchester and an offsite 2TB disk here in Zurich (which gets refreshed each visit) :sunglasses: :ugeek:


Ideally you should make regular saves of your project as you work on it, it’s very quick just to use Ctrl + S

And good practice is to save your empty project as soon as you launch Audacity - that way Audacity does not need to use the temporary files at all.

And this is good practice for all apps, not just Audacity.