Recovered file is broken up into 6 second pieces
OSX Yosemite 0.10.5 (14F2411)
Recording a podcast episode, aprox 45 mins in length. Using Blue Yeti USB mic to record.
Program crashed and had spinning wheel of death, had to force quit and then went through steps to find recovery temp file BUT it is broken down into what feels like a million 6 second snippets.

Is there a way to get this all as 1 file or do i have to painstakingly go thru and stitch them all together??

Appreciate any help, cheers.

45 minutes divided by 6 seconds.

If the crash happened during a live, mono recording, you might be able to use crash recovery where you line up the files automatically by time/date.

Audacity automatically alternates Left Right Left Right, so it’s possible on a stereo show, the stereo sides will become reversed, sometimes several times.


See this page in the Manual:
a bit of a long read but worth persevering with

And this page:

and this one for manual recovery: