Recordings cleared

When I open the 2x saved project (1 x in my cloud, once as version 2 on my desktop) all the tracks are there - but they are all empty. I have heard that this happens from time to time. Also that Audacity might have problems with clouds ie networks - unfortunately I don’t remember from where I dragged the files into the project, might have been from the cloud. Question: Is there any way to restore the project? I have always saved, as I said, even twice… would be a pity for all the work (but that is clear).
The protocol has a few error messages, but I don’t get it (some file “couldn’t be removed”, “syntax error”, “no file or such directory”).

It is strongly recommended that you not use External, Network, or Cloud storage for active Audacity production. Do everything on your local machine. You can do long-term storage, retrieval, and archive on those drives, but make sure Audacity is closed when you do it.


There are some emergency rescue tools available, but so far only for Windows damage.

Found it.

Depending on how desperate the situation is, you can transfer the show to a Windows machine and then run the Windows repair tools. Once the show comes back (if it does) you can transfer it to your working machine’s internal drive and continue to edit.

Being obsessive, I would leave the show on the Windows machine as an “Air Gap Firewall” backup.

Make sure all your raw, pre-edit recordings are available on WAV files so if some serious damage happens to your edit, you could create the show again. For example, I can announce a chapter of my book, Stop, File > Export it as a perfect quality WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit file and save it somewhere safe. Edit a COPY of that file and clear up the mouth noises, fluffs, cursing, air conditioning buzzing, and other word mistakes. The Edit Master should also be a perfect quality WAV file. If the client wants MP3 (ACX-AudioBook), only then do you create a lesser quality MP3 file according to their 192 quality requirements. We should remember you can’t edit an MP3 file without the quality suffering.