Recording works fine but VU not working

I am running Audacity 3.4.2 on a Mac mini 2018 with Mac OS 14.2.1. I connect to the Mac from my QU-32 sound board using Focusrite Scarlett solo into a USB-C (thunderbolt) connection. My recordings are good and the levels are good. But I cannot get my Record VU to register. My View/Toolbars/Recording Meters Toolbar item is checked on the menu. I have reset my audacity settings by deleting the settings files in Library/Application Support/Audacity/libs and relaunching audacity. This had no affect.

I can see the input signal on the Scarlett Solo VU circle that surrounds the input level knob. And the signal shows strong on the audacity track strip.

But I cannot seem to get the vu to respond. Any suggestions or help with this issue?

I’m a Windows guy, but apparently there is a bug/incompatibility with some versions of OS-X and the latest version of Audacity.

There is a thread about it here. (I haven’t read the whole thing.)

Thanks. This is indeed my problem. Fortunately I don’t need to see the VU to get the levels set. I can just leave the levels as they were before the OS upgrade.

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