Recording with speaker Off?

[2.1.2 version]

Hi, I am recording a few songs on a different PC to the one I am using and it all works fine, but I’d like to turn off the speakers so I don’t have to hear it. I have searched, but can’t find how to do that or if it is even possible. I tried moving the speaker slider up and down but that also slides the record level up and down.

I guess I can put the other PC in a different room, but then I have to keep walking to it to check when to turn recording off.

Is there a way to do this without installing a VNC?

Self Recording is generally done by recording the speaker signal in the soundcard. The computer sends speaker sound out to the soundcard and then special programming turns it around and brings it back in for recording. And yes, it’s a common problem that you can’t turn the speakers off during recording because they’re in the recording path.

I’m not a Windows elf, but one of the special services may be able to get around this.


Try using Windows Direct Sound or better still WASAPI as your host - see this page in the Manual:

For earlier versions of Audacity when I couldn’t do this I had a blank 3.5 mm jack plug with no cable attached that I inserted into the headphone socket on the PC - worked a treat :sunglasses:


I plug a wooden tooth stick into the headphone jack of my fender in order to suppress direct output–the signal goes via usb cable into audacity… :smiley:

Thanks, after some suggestions here I have managed to figure out a combination for the devices that will allow me to mute the speakers but still have a signal coming in.

The “Microphone” drop down list shows seven sound/speaker devices in that section. By setting a different one to the list for “Speakers” drop down that shows three devices, I finally found a combination that worked.