recording vinyl via usb turntable only get one channel

I have a white & red cables from usb turntable which meld to one cable which plugs into input on my computer. Alsa is on & input is from pnp device. When I record I only get one channel to record. I know that I can split the recording to 2 separate tracks & remove the one with no sound & then duplicate the remaining track & combine to make a stereo track. Is that track a true stereo recording? Can any give me some advice on how to correct this?

Is that track a true stereo recording?

No. Nice try. It has to come from the turntable that way.

One of these? That must be plugged into the blue Stereo-In of your soundcard.

If all you have is Pink and Green, then you may have no stereo connection.

Why aren’t you using the USB digital connection from your turntable?


It is plugged into a light blue input. I’ll try the other inputs. Thx. Hopefully I’ll find the correct input.

Make sure Audacity is set for stereo.

Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Recording: Channels [2 Stereo]


Another note:
The analog out of a USB turntable can either be “raw” or RIAA Corrected. Make sure your switches are in the right place.

Music on a record isn’t straight and correct. That won’t fit, so it’s distorted according to RIAA specifications. That means you have to undistort it somewhere. Many USB turntables give you the option of using an external “Phono Preamplifier” (which does the correcting) or do the correcting inside and deliver normal audio to you. Same two wires.


what would be a good preamp for the USB turntable. I saw some from $16 to $79 to higher. What type of cables are needed for the preamp? If I understand this then cables go from preamp to turntable then into sound card of computer"s that correct?

We have some nice equipment that corrects the vinyl RIAA sound and then converts to USB.

We could use a couple of words on why you’re not using the USB from the turntable.

There may not be any analog phono preamps any more. I do it with a Hafler HD-101 stand-alone preamp (no longer made) and I got my sister a very nice TC-250LC and I don’t think that’s made any more, either. But it might be.

Note all these have a place to screw the thin black grounding wire that you should have in addition to the two RCA cables. Most turntables have the least buzz, noise and hum if you connect that wire.

Tell us again why you’re not using the built-in USB?


How about the ARTcessories DJ-Pre11 which I have:
Still available readily on Amazon (other retailers are available …) - and does have a grounding post and a gain control with clipping indicators.

When I was transcribing my vinyl I fed the output of this to an Edirol UA-1EX USB external soundcard (no longer available).

If I was buying now I would seriously consider the ARTcessories combined phono preamp and USB soundcard, the USB Phono Plus:


How about the ARTcessories DJ-Pre11

What he said.