recording video as well as sound

Hi everyone.
I have just downloaded and installed Audacity 2.1.0 onto my win8 O/S (no idea .exe or zip) and have managed to import an mp3 file and record sound from my microphone on top of the mp3 file and then saved it and played it back; so everything is working well there

But instead of recording sound only I wish to record video as well!
I know this can be done as I have see the explanation of audacity on youtube and it is all done by video.
So can the Audacity version I am using at the moment record video or would a later version do the job or is there another program I can install on top

Thanks in advance

Where’s the camera? If it’s in the computer, then you could have some interesting problems with sound routing because both the video and Audacity are going to try to “step on” the live microphone at the same time. That usually doesn’t come out well.

If it’s a separate camcorder, then it’s a piece of cake. You record your overdubbing in Audacity, export the finished track and marry it to the video in your video editing software. The first track will be recorded in both Audacity and the camcorder, so that’s your guide track and you can use that to sync them up later.

Audacity doesn’t do video at all.

He did make one minor mistake. He tried to play back his test vocal track, but he didn’t switch to it with MUTE or SOLO on the left. You just get a big mish-mash of all the tracks if you get that wrong.

He also swooshed over a production problem. Yes, you can record overdubs in Audacity. You have to set it up to do that. There are adjustments you have to make to make sure your tracks all overlay OK, but you will not be able to hear yourself during the recording. This is a problem for some people trying to match their words to the overdub master tracks. If you try settings, you may get your own voice arriving in your headphones late or with an echo which may be worse than just not having it at all.

He also illustrates why we don’t do videos for training. His Audacity is very old and while the basic steps are the same, some of the filters and adjustments may be really different.


Audacity does not record or play video. Audacity is an audio editor.

So it’s shoot the video with what will become the guide sound track. Load it into the video editor, split off the sound track, open it in Audacity and use that as the base or timing track for overdubbing. Export the final production Audacity track and import into the video in the video editor. It’s most unlikely you will be able to run the video editor and Audacity at the same time.

And, you still have to set up Audacity for overdubbing: adjust recording latency, etc. Make sure Audacity is the only program running when you do that.


I am a bit confused now with what you are saying
You say if I have my own camcorder its a piece of cake and both tracks the video and sound will marry up
But then you state it will be very difficult to match the timing of both tracks :question:

Are you saying if I download and install any of those programs from the list I can record video on top of my audacity?

Is there a better way I can do all this; like with different hardware that has nothing to do with my PC
I have the sunfly karaoke CD+G and MP3 files saved, is there a player and a video recorder I could buy that would do the job?
I know some of the sunfly karaoke machines let you record your own tracks

Video-editing software will allow you to replace the audio on a video with something else ,
e.g. an improved version of the audio from the video which you have manipulated in audacity.
[ NB: audacity does not do anything in real-time : it’s all post-production with audacity ].

[ I included links to screen-casting software to because you didn’t make clear what your project was , the video you linked-to is a screen-cast : it is a video recording of the screen of a computer ].

But will it allow me record from my sound card and my microphone (and of course my camera ) all timed at the same time

What sort of camera is that? Is it a camcorder of some type?

Rather than skirting around the subject for longer, why not just tell us exactly what you are trying to do.

I have some karaoke songs saved on my laptop as MP3 and CD+G files which are from
and I want to upload a video onto you-tube of me singing to them
Using the laptops onboard camera and microphone whilst playing the karaoke track from my pc hopefully

Playing the recording AND recording video and sound on the same computer at the same time is likely to be difficult because the computer is being asked to handle multiple media streams in different directions from multiple sources. It’s asking a lot from a standard Windows PC. Much easier would be to play your backing music on a separate device (such as a boombox / hi-fi / karaoke player) and record the video on your computer, OR, play the backing tracks on your PC and record on a standalone camcorder.

Taking the first option, this article says that you can record from a webcam using Windows Movie Maker (I don’t use Windows so I can’t help you with that).

I’m not sure I can think of a good way to do that even with post production and overdubbing…

I don’t think anybody’s going to be doing that in one pass in real time.

Do you have a set of in-ear earbuds? Put them in but don’t let the cord dangle down the front. Route the cord up from your ear, over the top and then down your neck in the back. You should be able to look in a mirror and almost not tell you’re wearing them, kind of like live stage performers without the bio-matched, stunning earpiece price.

Start the video recording with your natural voice into whatever microphone you decided to use. At the same time, play the karaoke track into your hidden earpieces. Sing. Stop everything when you get to the end. Make sure you got a good live video and voice recording. It’s just you. There’s no mix yet. The video has to be perfect. If it’s not, this is a good time to do it over.

Split your voice from the video (Audacity will open the video track from many different video types), rip or copy the karaoke track, open everything on separate Audacity tracks and combine them. I make that sound so easy. Then export a mixed track… or do an overdubbing session where you sing to the track multiple times making your voice complex and deep, and then export a mixed track. If you’re good at this, you can four-part harmony it like Josh Turner.
That’s a Zoom H2 sound recorder and a video camera. Full Stop. Everything else in editing.

Combine the new track with the video in place of your single, clean voice in your video editor.

Enjoy thunderous applause and wide acclaim.

Piece of cake [dusting off hands].


You will almost certainly find that you need some pre-editing, too. Nobody can hit the first note without help. So you may need to edit the karaoke track so there is a click-track lead-in.

“We’re Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”
“We hope you will enjoy the show.”

Audacity has Generate > Click Track and you get to find one you like and then change the timing to match the song. Then jam it on the beginning of the song. Don’t lose the original karaoke track. You still need that for mixing later. It’s a common newbie error to made an edit and step on the original when they save the new one. You can’t do that. Make a separate file and call it something different.


Now I have tried it another way.

Nothing to do with Audacity but using the software all ready installed inside the O/S in the control panel.
It combined the sound card or stereo mix with the onboard microphone which is an inbuilt speaker on my laptop, and somehow they work together in a loop.
Hear is a youtube video of what I have tried
I tried it playing a karaoke file I have saved on my PC and with me singing along into the microphone.
The recording sound from the sound card is spot on and plays perfect but the microphone is absolutely dreadful; it just comes in waves up and down up and down and then nothing like you where listening to a poor signal of LW radio

This is a quick video I made of it. you can hear the song at first and then the microphone after
or try this one
Sorry but this quality is just unacceptable

I did try this one. playing the backing music from my ipad. putting the ipad next to the microphone and it was just dreadful

Windows laptop microphones come with communication and conference processing. It tries to echo and noise cancel like a cellphone does (and for a lot of the same reasons). The processing hates music.

We never said you couldn’t do two things at once. You said you wanted three or more. That’s much harder.


You might want to look at Open Broadcaster:

Available for Windows, Linux and OSX, free.

It can certainly do what you’re trying to achieve, but has a learning curve, of course. You can turn it into a streaming server, but you can also record to disk, if needed.

I have downloaded the pack
But I cant see any instructions of how to use this software
Do you know where I can get an manual of how to use especially for first time users?

They have a forum: