Recording via SKYPE


I have 1.3 beta installed - everything works fine but not the incoming sound. Am using headset and the usual mike/speakers sockets on a Toshiba laptop. Tried the previous version (1.26 ?), same thing.
Any ideas?

Many thanks!!


The “Search” button is your friend - see top right of the forum window.

There are a gazillion posts on skype on the forum - mostly from folks who can’t make it work (particulary can’t record both sides of the skype dialog) - the underlying probem being that Skype takes over complete control of the sound services.


WC thanks.

Yes, I kooked for a skype-dedicated forum and then tried the search as you said. I also tried recording the bbc, same result. I get recorded, but the sound-in doesn’nt. I tried to change some of the defaults under preferences/device etc, same result. I am wondering whether this is a problem for Sony (SONY, not Toshiba as I said before), though I had the same problem with a Toshiba and in a hurry I ended up recording fromm the mike and the speakers…! this time I need a proper set up, one that doesnt pick up all the sounds in the house. Any suggestions? I cant see any previous post in search, I have gone thru 5 pages… any suggestions?

thanks Omero

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Skype cannot be recorded by Audacity using “Stereo Mix”, because as soon as you launch Skype it switches off Stereo Mix. :imp:

The best and easiest way to record Skype is to use one of the specialist programs such as Pamela et al.
It is also possible to record Skype using a virtual sound card - this is the method used by Total Recorder, but it can be tricky to set up.
The other way to record Skype is to use a second machine to record on (either another computer or just an audio recorder).

Skype does not Play Well With Others. In order to work right, Skype has to take over both the microphone and the speaker services. For most computers, that’s the whole list.


Thankas everyone:

I cant record from the sound coming in, irrespective of whether it s skype or some other source, like the bbc or you tube for instance. To test it, I deactivated skype and closed it off. Do you mean that skype grabs all the sounds settings when you install it? Closing off the skjype session should disable the ‘skype’ settings though. (or not?)

Pamela etc has a limit on how long you can record, I seem to recall. I need to record telephone conversations (so that everybody remembers what was said … ) as well as, later, play around with guitar and sounds etc.

I feel there must be a hardware solution that doesnt involve installing a different sound card i.e. route the speakers in to a second mike, to avoid the other party hearing the echo of his own voice? Just a thought, a somewhat crude solution, but sometimes simple is best. p.s. I will repost the main question. It s a recording problem not limited to Skype (unless what I mentioned abopve applies)
Any coimments, THANKS!! :slight_smile:

ok edit: correctionm: pam recording is 15 mins for the free version and unlimited for the full version, I will have a look.

Skype grabs the sound settings as soon as it is launched (even when just open in the background).
You’ve probably noticed that when Skype is closed, it does not shut down completely, it continues to run in the background until you completely exit from it.
It then lets go of the sound system, but does not put it back to how it was set up previously, so you need to do that manually.

Here’s how to record sounds playing on your computer (not including Skype or other voip programs)


I have tried the wiki page suggestions with no success - but I have stumbled across the Realtek problems, so I will see what Realtek have got to say (if they reply). In the meantime I am use the freebie Pam recorder, or may buy the full version if i need it more than 15 min (the limit on the freebie).

Cant fathom out why sound in, which needs to go thru the sound card (whichever make or version that is) cant be intercepted and, optionally, redefaulted to bypass the Skype resets. But I have probs in recording sound, not just with skype, so I cant single them out this time. I reckon anybody writing a prog to bypass this hassle or as an add-on to Audacity will make a killing by charging 5.00 for ther software!. I prefer Audacity to Pam, but thats a personal pref. Pam works fine with skype tel calls, just very minor hiccups.

<<<I am use the freebie Pam recorder, or may buy the full version if i need it more than 15 min (the limit on the freebie). >>>

It’s worse than that. Not only does the freebie give out after fifteen minutes, but only the top two paid Pamela packages give you the two directions on their own track. You need this if you’re going to do any sort of production and effects for a show.

If you’re on a Windows machine, Total Recorder can be made to work as well.

It’s not a matter of redirecting a sound pathway. You have to have somewhere to redirect it to. Every direction you turn, Skype is already there. What the paid packages do is create fake virtual sound cards in memory and record from those. Not trivial.


Thanks for the tech input. Pam works great but I need to limit my phone arguments to 15 mins… V. useful the optional annotation facility alongside the call entry but could do better with the user interface to it. (a person al preference). Audacity is no doubt a superior product, with graphical displays of the recording etc etc - means you can cut +paste part of a conversation or sound and export it to an email. I cant see Pam doing that, maybe in the paid version or maybe I have missed it. I checked Realtek with not much joy - but , has anybody here tried to have a go at Skype and Realtek or whichever card manufacturer? Ref an immediate solution (past Pam) I will need to reason out how to redirect the sound-in back into the mike, without messing up the conversation (obvious echos etc). Any thoughts on this front? Any idea on this is good, since I dont have any right now, jsut a gut feel that it can be done.
cheers ! :slight_smile:


Lots of people have the same gut, but this process has eluded some very talented people. You capture the performance – both sides – in Pamela Professional or Pamela Business. Open up the capture files in in post production Audacity and edit them for a pleasing presentation and volume leveling, mix the channels if needed and then export your final show.

Total Recorder for Windows works in a similar manner. I don’t think you can edit anything in Total Recorder, or at least nothing past simple cutting and pasting. My older license for Total Recorder doesn’t edit anything.

The problem is that the computers run out of sound channels or ways of managing sound. There are only two on a regular computer and Skype soaks them both up for the phone call; the microphone channel going out and the speaker channel coming back.

Nobody’s mentioned Echo Cancellation yet, but that’s a problem, too. If you like to listen to the far end on a speaker in the room with you, that sound can’t go back to the far end. If it does, they will hear very annoying echos and delay flanging and compression effects. That’s why we urge people strongly to wear headphones or earbuds when they use these systems.

The desperation method is parking a microphone on the table between you and the Skype speaker and record it with a second computer. I’ve done that when I didn’t have time to mess with Pamela (so to speak).


Koz, thanks.

I have embarked on many trials of impossibles in the past and admittedly I didnt always succeed - lack of formal knowledge and impatience in gaining that knoweldge beign the weak spots. When I have succeded is when I have taken things rather personally - i.e. simple problems that for whatever reason become unsurmountable. Will therfore give it a shot, but it looks as if Pam + Audacity are the solution for the time being. Pam full verskion is not too expensive eityher. I had Total recorder installed in its early days, but I ditched it, mainly because it Interfered with somethign else I wanted to trial at the time and there was no way to get rid of it. I will have a go at at skype in the meantime. I will pretend everything else works but their system - as if these guys dont read these forums :wink:
will post, let us know if anhythign happoens in the meangtime. Thanks for the chat - great value. take care.

And what about Skypecap? Not so long ago I wrote here about this program, but i dont see my message. Can I use SkypeCap instead of Audacity for record skype coversations?

Someone (you?) wrote about Skypecap so many times that it triggered the spam filter and all of the posts were deleted.

The person posting (you?) were warned that your posts were beginning to look like spam, but the warnings were ignored.

They/you were even invited to write up a user review of SkypeCap which included details of its features, cost, limitations and answering some specific questions that had been raised in response to your/their previous posts. This would be instead of multiple posts all over the forum.

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Eventually the spam filter was triggered and the user names and all of their posts were deleted.

If you are a user of SkypeCap you are welcome to write ONE review of the program and post it either in the Recording Techniques section OR the Audio Processing section of the forum. A review should be from a user perspective and should be objective and balanced, including the Pros and Cons of the program. It may include ONE link to software web site and it should make it clear that this is non-free commercial software.

For the benefit of other forum users, other posts may be added that suggest alternative programs for recording Skype.

Providing information that helps Audacity users is welcome on this forum. This is a help forum and not an advertising board. Spamming forums does not help to promote a product - many forums, including this one, have a strict policy prohibiting spam. Spam is an abuse of the forum, a waste of everyone’s time and projects a negative image of the product being advertised.

If you “wrote here about this program” then surely you must know if it works or not?
Please be honest - are you a user of SkypeCap, or are you affiliated with SkypeCap?

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This program works great for me. They give you a 7 day trail period.
it is 19.95 plus the money you pay to skype.

I was using a device from radio shack attached to the back of my phone (suction) with a line into a recorder. to much work. plus when I added the audio to audacity it took to much noise clean up.

nice and clear audio.