Recording Timer

The Recording Timer always shows tomorrows date. It will not go lower than todays date. If I go to the timer panel now it would show the lowest date will be 25th May & will not go to 24th May as it should do.

I can’t replicate this with 2.0.0 on either of my XP machines.


This is with Windows 7.

I just rang Mrs. Waxcylinder at work to check this on her W7 machine - and she gets today’s date in both the spinners.

BUT in the course of testing she uncovered a bug.
When you use the “Start Date and Time” spinner to increment the date (or overtpre the date with a later date) the “End Date and Time” spinner box increments with it - as it should as the end date/time cannot be before the start.

If you then decrement the “Start Date and Time” spinner back to todays date then the “End Date and Time” does not move back in line with it. This part may be intended beavior - but the problems are:

  1. the “End Date and Time” can no longer be manipulated either bn using the spinner controls or by overtyping
  2. the displayed “Duration” does not match the difference between the start and end times -it appears to be honoouring the previosly set duration.

Workaround is easy: “Cancel” the Timer Record and invoke it again.

I will flag this as a potential bug for triage.


It did as it was supposed to on my Win 7 system - came back to 24 05 2012!

Timer Record takes the date and time from the system time. You may want to right-click over the system clock > Adjust date / time, click “Internet Time”, then “Change settings” then “Update now”.


The original poster subsequently told me this was the exact problem; the system clock was a day fast.