Recording Streaming music [SOLVED]

I am trying to record from Spotify, but I can only get the laptop (windows 8.1 Toshiba) to record capturing the room sound. It does not record directly from the computer. I have tried all sorts of settings for import and microphone, but get the same results. Please advise.


It depends on your drivers. Select WASAPI loopback, or possibly Stereo Mix as your recording device, instead of your laptop’s built-in mic. [u]More information here[/u].

Isn’t this illegal? It’s copyrighted stuff, after all.

Oh, I know how it works. I was just wondering if the result would be any better with the CD ripped version. i know the drums would still disappear, but would the quality be a bit better as opposed to the MP3?
— VoodooMystic

Isn’t ripping a copyrighted CD illegal?


For the record I am trying to capture a track that has been destroyed on my actual cd. Bottom line, we should be able to capture sound directly from the laptop without picking up ambient sound in the room.


Which you can if you study the link Doug gave you:


I’m no lawyer, but my understanding is that it varies by country - See:


I have tried every possible setting on Audacity and it still picks up room noise. If you want I can do a screen capture of any setting anyone thinks will work.


Instead of trying every possible setting, try using the settings in this link that are intended to record computer playback:

If you have a broken system that records from the internal microphone irrespective of your choice of recording device, try disabling the internal microphone in Windows Sound.


My recording device option shows up as Microphone, not stereo mix. I am using Audacity 2.1.1

OK, found it. Apparently during a microcrap upgrade, they changed my settings so that I had a different recording option. I changed it back and it is fine now. Thanks for the suggestion to look at my microphone settings.