Recording + Playback Meter not displaying correctly

Since a week or so I’m having trouble with how the meters are displayed.
I can’t see the dB nor the colours. This is all I see when I start up Audacity - and nothing changes when I play audio:

I work with the MacOS version with Apple Silicon.

I’ve updated the version and reinstalled it too which doesn’t solve the issue.
Is this a new setting I’m missing or a bug?

It’s a Mac issue that should be fixed with the latest macOS update


I just installed on a mac today and I’m having this same exact issue!

My Mac is completely up to date and reinstalling Audacity didn’t help either, so unfortunately it’s not resolved for me through this!

what macOS version are you running? I’ve seen several reports it’s caused by macOS 14.2 and fixed by macOS 14.3.

ah you might be right, I just got the invite for the 14.3 update so I will check.

you were right, it is solved by updating it to 14.3. thank you!

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