Recording not moving until audio plays

For some reason, when I’m trying to record an audio on my computer with Audacity (i.e. recording Youtube audio), the recording line won’t move until the audio starts playing. Because of this, a small chunk of the audio in the beginning is cut off, which I want to avoid. Audacity used to just keep on recording regardless of whether an audio was playing or not. Please help me on this.

Are you recording with WASAPI as the host and using the loopback input device ? If so then that is a “feature” of WASAPI/loopback

Or you may have turned on Sound activated Recording in Transport Options:


It’s probably the former. I’ve turned off Sound Activated Recording and restarted, but it’s still doing it. I have it set to Windows WASAPI and with the loopback feature for the microphone, but I have no other options. When I set it to MME or Windows DirectSound, it won’t record at all.

Sorry for another reply, but I just recently updated my Audacity from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3. It fixed my problem with the recording not moving until audio plays, but now it’s back to the issue with the sound level being so low.