recording from att uverse

I am new to tjis and am wondering if it is possible to record music from the att uverse box. I would like to record some of the music that is on the music channels. The box has audio out rca jacks on it. Can I run straight to my computer and then record or do I have to use an intermediate device like an audio amp with the record out jacks. Thanks.

If your box has an RCA output pair which delivers analog line-level inpt than it should be ok to connect to the line-in on your computer.

Situations where you need a pre-amp are recorde decks (where you need to step up the output a bit and to apply the RIAA equalisation) and some mics.


I have read in a Popular Mechanics mag that one could use an adapter that uses two rca plugs that exchange into a mini plug that can then be plugged into the mike jack on the computer. I can only assume that the audio out jacks are there so that a person can plug an amp into them to amplify sound while watching the TV. With everything going digital these days I would almost have to assume that the output is digital as well. Will that still work. Thanks

Unlikely - since the output is via RCA. Just get an RCA pair yo 3.5mm stereo TRS minijack - and plug into the line-in on your computer. Mic inputs handle v. low signal levels - so if you plu into the mic in you could well orload it and possibly toast your onboard soundcard !


I noticed that there is a USB port on the ATT box. Do you think that if I hook straight from that to the computer that it will work as well. It should read on the computer as another drive.

It’s worth a try …