Record several different audio files without pause [SOLVED]

I’m using Audacity for the first time.
It was especially for ‘recording’ audio examples of a dictionary.

When I first tried this, it was unbelievable.
First I clicked ‘record’ button of the Audacity.
But it didn’t start recording.
When I clicked an example audio sentence in the dictionary, Audacity started recording. And when the example sentence is finished, it automatically stopped recording. (It seems like whenever there is a sound, it starts, and no sound, it stopped automatically, even though I don’t, for god’s shake, know how it works that way.)
And it continued on the way as it did.

I was delighted by this intuitive convenience of this program, Audacity.

But after two days of the first recording, today, I tried to record another audio sentences. It became totally different game. When I clicked ‘record’ button, even though there’s no sound, I mean I didn’t clicked an example audio sentence, it just started recording. I cannot believe this. I clicked every possible tabs, menus, etc. But it just didn’t work as it did the day before yesterday.

I know I can use ‘pause’ button. But ‘pause’ button doesn’t make any sense when you try to record several very short audio files in the same file. It makes too much inconvenience compared with the day before yesterday.

Please help me and make me record in the previous way.

If I understand you correctly I think you need to turn on Sound Activated Recording in the Transport Menu

See towards the bottom in this page of the Manual:


Thanks a lot, waxcylinder.