Record LP Skip or Stop Effect

I am currently editing a few songs together with the use of Audacity. So far I have the basics under control as far as cutting and pasting parts of the music and being able to overlap some tracks. However I am after a specific effect and Im not too sure how to go about it…

Three songs are being used and I have mixed in the first two tracks (about 30-40 seconds of each) into the middle of the main song. For going back to the main song I was looking for a LP type effect where the needle skips or is quickly taken off the song and goes straight back into another. Hopefully if you are reading this you know of the type of sound effect I’m talking about…

I am hoping that someone will be able to reply. This will be a surprise for all the guests as we are chopping and changing a song during our bridal waltz on our wedding day.

Regards, Shaun (sticks1977)


I suspect you mean that scratchy sound of the needle being dragged across the tracks to a new location?

I believe that there are some sites on t’interweb that have sound effects available - and some may even be free. Try Googling “Sound Effect” or “Record scratch”.

This one sounds quite good - you can either download it, or play it online and record it with Audacity (many of the sound samples online have a beep in the bckground to inhibit recording - this one doesn’t).


Here are links to a few vinyl record scratches from Freesound (which are free) … (seven seconds from start) (various scratches)

{Are people still doing the scratched record gag ?, surely a skipping CD would be less anachronistic].

We posted at the same time, (great minds think alike :slight_smile: )

I’d recommend downloading from Freesound rather than using “record what-U-hear” on the online preview, as the Freesound previews are plagued with artefacts, the downloaded versions are much better quality.