Record a single window

I need your help! I want to audiocapture one window while other windows also play audio. I’ve searched for 4 hours now, but I couldn’t find anything that worked for me. I have Windows 7 64bit and i use the newest version of Audacity. I have tried “jack” and other audio server programs but none of them worked right or I’m just too dumb to configure them. Could you please give me a solution with a good tutorial so I’ll finally can understand it.
Thank you already for (hopefully) quick answers

Are you talking about two Audacity windows, or capturing audio from some other applications?
It is not clear what you are trying to do.

see this tutorial:

and note that it cannot always be done with modern Windows PCs - some do and some don’t …


I think you didn’t get my problem. I want To record a webradio while voicechatting in Skype. Butif I so this I also record The output Made by Skype

When you record from “Stereo Mix” Audacity will record everything that is playing through your computer sound card. There is no way for Audacity to get round that.

Some other applications that may be able to do what you want:
Sound Leech (currently free)
Virtual Audio Cable (non-free commercial program)
Total Recorder (non-free commercial program)

Thank you so much I hope soundleech will work for me. Love this forum already. :smiley: