Realtime effects can remain activate when Track Control Panel > Effects subpanel is closed

If a realtime effect is activated (background blue in “bypass” button to left of effect name) for a track and the Effects subpanel is closed without inactivating the effect (i.e., with “bypass” button background blue rather than white), the effect will remain active both within Audacity and in any exported file. This can be dangerous because the screen shows no indication that the effect remains active. Therefore, even when the realtime effects panel is closed, Audacity should give some visual indication when effects within it are active.

You really need to log this as an issue on Muse’s GitHub:

You need a GitHub account, but those are free.


On a similar theme: when a real-time VST3 effect is applied via “Mix & Render to New track”, the effect-GUI is still displayed afterwards, giving the impression it is still enabled, when it isn’t.
whereas via plain “Mix & Render” the effect-GUI is removed after it has been applied.

mix& render to new track, effect is then disbled, but plugin GUI still displayed as if it was enabled
Audacity 332

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