Really simple Tone and Volume Control

Here’s a really simple tone and volume control.
It works in a similar way to the tone/volume controls often found on portable music players.

Plug-In Installation

To install new plug-ins, place them in the Plug-Ins folder inside the Audacity installation folder.
On Windows computers, this is usually under “Program Files”.
On Mac OS X, it is usually under “Applications”.
On Linux, create a folder in the Home directory and name it “.audacity-files”, then create a sub folder called “plug-ins” and place the .ny file in there.

All operating systems:
Restart Audacity, then this Plug-in will appear underneath the divider in the “Effect” menu.
ToneVol.ny (856 Bytes)

There is a “less simple” alternative at

Instead of a single control with Bass at left and Treble at right, this plug-in has separate gain sliders for Bass and Treble.

Instead of a volume control slider, there is an option to enable “Clipping Protection”. This normalises the output to 0 dB (as loud as possible without distortion) if it would otherwise distort. Note: This protection uses a lot of computer memory and could possibly cause a crash if used on long selections.


As Audacity now has the “Bass and Treble” effect, this plug-in has been retired to the forum plug-in archive.