Real Time Time

I know Audacity doesn’t “do” surveillance, but I wonder if this isn’t way harder than it needs to be.

I started an intentionally long recording at 22:00 Pacific and stopped it at 07:00. This was a stand-alone recorder and has nothing to do with Audacity. A stand-alone recorder with a bad clock.

I show an audible event at 4 hours and 36-1/2 minutes Audacity time. What’s that in California time?

Let’s see. Put down three and convert one to minutes and seconds, divide by the letter carrier’s birthday and change the sign except on February 29th.

I suspect there’s an App For That and I have an actual time calculator, but still. It’s not like this has never come up.




  • 24:00:00
    ~half past two in the morning

It actually got worse.

Let’s say I whacked off several hours from the beginning and end of the performance. My sound event is 20 minutes in to the new timeline.

Let’s connect this to Labels. I’ve never gotten those to do anything useful past marking a static track. I’d kill for Edit Marks.


That’s probably not too difficult to manage, provided that you know that you want to do this before you start recording.
Audacity now has an option to label newly recorded tracks with a time stamp:
So we could probably have a plug-in to calculate the current cursor / selection position as “real” time.

That’s way harder because Audacity would need to track the “real time of recording” for every audio clip. I think that is probably not possible as a plug-in and too ‘specialist’ to make as a built-in feature of a general purpose audio recorder / multi-track editor.

In Audacity, name the track with the time (California time) appended to the track name in the format hh-mm-ss.
For example: “Koz’s long recording 22-00-00”

Then click on the track and generate labels with this new plug-in:

Let me know how it goes, and if the times do anything weird (writing this plug-in was not as easy as I anticipated - Nyquist is not the easiest language for parsing text).

Updated version, plus a second related tool: