Real Beginner wanting to transfer his Vinyl Collection to his Mac and other bits and pieces using a Lenco L85 turntable

Guys I am a real beginner.

My Wife gave me a Lenco L85 turntable so that I can try and transfer our Vinyl to our Macs and Other stuff using a USB stick. The Lenco records onto a USB stick and it has a split button which is supposed to insert a period of silence into the MP3 file.

I have no idea where to start and nothing I have read or can find in the Forum Index seems to help.

I am probably using the wrong words. I want to record the album and then transfer it from the USB stick to the Mac and then split the tracks. I then want to name them and add as much data as I can . Probably using ITunes but I am not sold on that as I hate it.

Anyone got a simple LP to USB to Mac for Dummies flow chart out there. PLEASE!!!

I am on a 2009 iMac with OS 10.12.6 which is as high as I can go with this machine.



ps please remember I am really not all that tech savvy as I am well over 60! :blush:

There is a PDF copy of the manual … https: //

Apparently it records to a USB memory-stick, so you don’t have to connect the turntable to the computer,
just unplug the USB memory-stick from the turntable once it’s finished recording, then plug the USB memory-stick into a computer where you can edit the audio files with Audacity.

I don’t speak Mac , but I think you can just drag’n’drop an audio-file from a folder into Audacity.

Audacity can split files …

This is the more efficient way … https ://

Now that TREBOR is brilliant!

Thank you

I shall try that tomorrow. The turntable has no speakers so this job is a tad dull. But I have some great stuff like the first ever Stones album that I need to get access to. And I am too cheap to buy them all again in CD!

Thanks again. I will let you know how it goes!

Stadders :smiley:

The turntable has RCA output plugs so can you not connect this to a hi-fi amp, or a radio with RCA inputs so you can listen while recording.

There is a downside to recording to the USB stick - as the audio files are encoded as MP3 and are thus already compressed (and neither the Lenco specs nor its manual tell you what bitrate and quality is used for the MP3 compression).

Importing the MP3 into Audacity will get Audacity to turn it into 32-bit float 44.1kHz high quality audio for working - but note carefully that this does not restore the compression damage vaused by the MP3 conversion that the Lenco does.

And more importantly if you are going to export your split audio files as MP3 (or AAC) you will get a second MP3 conversion giving you a second lot of compression damage.

Audacity does have a Click Removal effect: that you may want to use Click Removal - Audacity Manual
But when I converted my LPs I use a sepaareat app called ClickRepair - it costs a little but produces almost magical results - see this sticky thread: Click/pop removal - ClickRepair software

Since you have direct recording to a USB stick not all of the steps in our tutorials will apply to you, but many will:
Tutorial - Copying tapes, LPs or MiniDiscs to CD - Audacity Manual
Sample workflow for LP digitization - Audacity Manual

Have fun with your conversion project,



I own the PTP Solid 12 (Lenco) and I need to purchase repair parts for it. I have found the parts I’m looking for on the [Link Removed] website. Nevertheless, I must confess my lack of acquaintance with this virtual domain, leaving me uncertain of the eminence of their wares, as well as the paragon of their customer service. Has anyone every purchased products from this website before? Some insight would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.