Reading Uncompressed Files Directly

I have installed the latest version of the program. The following option is no longer displayed in the settings. Can someone explain how to configure the program to read uncompressed files directly instead of copying them into a project, which takes time if the files are big?

You can’t. That option was removed several years ago.

I had been using version 2.2.2 until installing the current version today. I will have to install the older version again in order to be able to load big uncompressed files instantly. Or is there a plugin which makes this possible?

It can’t be done with a plug-in.

If you need to download Audacity 2.2.2, you can get it here: (scroll way down the list)

Thank you. This is a good solution for opening big uncompressed files instantly.
I have also installed Adobe Audition and will have to learn how to use it. Perhaps this audio workstation loads files instantly and processes commands in real time. But I continue using Audacity in the meantime because of not having a better alternative at the moment.

Please clarify - are you referring to *.wav or Audacity *.au files. Audacity’s generic suffix is now *.aup3 all in one package.

I was referring to uncompressed .wav files. In the earlier version of the program, I could load them instantly into an open project by dragging and dropping them into the project window.

I’ve just tried dragging three *.wav files into Audacity - works fine.

Perhaps you have a faster hard drive and the files are small. When I upload big .wav files which are more than one hour in length, the uploading process is slow.

I have done a lot of editing work of choral performances often lasing 40 minutes, resulting in very large *.wav files.

My laptop is a bog standard main street cheapo.

If you computer is struggling, try shutting down all non essential applications.

The three main programs that consume CPU cycles, memory, and resources are: Audio editing, Photo editing, and Desktop Publishing.

I have created a user account for each one of these, and when using any one, nothing else is running. No internet browser or connection, calendar apps and so forth.

Over time your user account becomes full of apps and other services all plying for CPU time and memory, and the NTUSER.dat file gets bloated.

Try creating a new user account (with administrator privileges) and just use Audacity in that account.

good luck

It’s also a “good solution” for living with a lot of bugs that have been fixes since 2.2.2 - and living without the many improvements made since than.

But it’s your choice …