Purchased AAC audio file not accepted

While I am very pleased with version 3.2.5 on my MacBook running macOS Ventura 13.1 and the FFmpeg library version F(55.33.100) installed, it will not accept to add Purchased AAC audio files from my iTunes library. The songs are not protected and recently bought. Only after converting them in iTunes to an AAC audio file, I can import them in Audacity. I thought that FFmpeg would have fixed this.

Sometimes, apparently, the importer order matters.

What you can try to do, is go into Preferences, Import/Export, Extended import and switch on Attempt to use filter in OpenFile dialog first and add a rule for AAC files to set the importer order in such a way that WAV, AIFF, and other uncompressed types are on the top of the list.

Good luck.

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