Punch and roll not synced in 3.1.2?

I’ve just installed 3.1.2, but the punch and roll function seems to be out of sync. The playback track is not playing back at the same point that the record track is set to, meaning I am hearing audio when the waveform is showing no sound. The cursor/waveform position is correct, but the playback sound is off.

I did not have these problems before 3.1


Thanks for the report. Unfortunately this is a bug in 3.1.2.

OK, thanks, it’s not just me then :slight_smile:

Would love this fixed soon, I use it all the time for voiceovers when syncing to a different language.

Keyboard shortcuts are a godsend by the way!

Is the problem only with projects that contain multiple tracks, or is there a problem just laying down one track?

I have the same problem and it is really bugging me! In this time of Covid Lockdowns I record a lot of songs for virtual choirs and use punch and roll frequently. Now this is not working it is costing me a lot of energy (and frustration) to record a song in one go. When will this be repaired? It has not been fixed in 3.1.3, unfortunately!

I have added a “nudge” to the GitHub issue report stressing it’s importance and requesting that it be given some attention for the upcoming 3.2.0 release:


I am having this issue with Audacity 3.1.3. I see that it is a known problem and on the to do list. I’m doing multitrack music recording, so syncing with the other tracks is a must. It is possible to work around the problem using punch-in repair, which is a bit more involved but works flawlessly. The only caveat is you have to know the overall length of your piece and create a selection at least as long to tell Audacity how long to record on the new track. So I’m not dead in the water, and overall loving Audacity, but the convenience of punch and roll would be nice to have back. Thank you.