Project saved will not reopen or allow export of audio file

I’ve been using Audacity, including the newest version for several years, no problems. I have a new desktop computer running Windows 10 Home edition, and have downloaded the latest version of Audacity to it, Audacity 3.0.02

I opened a new project and imported an mp3 file to it. I began editing, and saved my work several times as I edited.
Everything seemed to be OK. Later I opened another new project, imported another mp3 file and edited it.
It would not let me save the project, nor export the audio as an mp3.
Later I was able to save a copy of this second new project, but when I tried to open it again,
and when I tried to open the first file I had edited and saved they would not open normally.

Message said: “Project is in a read only directory”
ErrorCode: 14
LastError: Failed to set safe mode on primary connection to C:\Users\pacif\Documents\KMRE Radio\music.aup3
LibraryError: unable to open database file
21:00:59: sqlite3 message: (21) API call with NULL database connection pointer
21:00:59: sqlite3 message: (21) misuse at line 123174 of [7ebdfa80be]
21:00:59: DBConnection SetError
ErrorCode: 0
LastError: Project is in a read only directory
(Unable to create the required temporary files)
LibraryError: unable to open database file

Please tell me what settings I need to change in order to save and reopen projects, and export audio from projects. Thanks

You will need to be logged in as “pacif” to run projects in that folder or any subdirectory of that folder.


Thanks for the help, but I don’t understand what you mean by I have to be logged in as “pacif”.
I am logged into my computer and can access all the files on it using Windows Explorer, various Microsoft and
non-Microsoft programs.

pacif is a name that the computer (Windows operating system I assume) assigned to me as the “user”.
I don’t know how to do anything related to it except perhaps to change this user name.

How does any of this relate to Audacity?


If you had more than one user account (log-in names) on the computer, each would have a separate “home directory”.
"C:\Users\pacif" is the home directory for the user name “pacif”.
If there was another user account set up with the name “fred”, then there would be a folder "C:\Users\fred"

By default, you can only write to the home directory (or any of its subdirectories) belonging to the account that you logged into. So, using the above example, when logged into the “pacif” account, you would not be able to write to any folder inside "C:\Users\fred"
Similarly, if logged in as “fred”, you would not be able to write to any folder inside "C:\Users\pacif"

Because opening a project requires read and write access, if you were logged in as “fred” and the project was somewhere in "C:\Users\pacif", then there would be an error because “fred” cannot write to "C:\Users\pacif"
The error message would be:
“Project is in a read only directory”

It sounds like your computer may only have one user account set up, which means that there must be some other reason for the error.
To check how many users accounts there are, browse to "C:\Users" and see what is in there. There should always be more than one folder, for example there should be a “guest” user. What does your computer have?

pacif is a name that the computer (Windows operating system I assume) assigned to me as the “user”.

This shouldn’t be a mystery. You should have an account under your own name. Windows doesn’t assign you a name.

This is ringing bells because this is the behavior of a computer with a break-in. Someone at the other end of an internet connection is using your computer and the computer thinks they are the official user. This also accounts for you not being able to save sound files to certain directories and folders.

Where did the computer come from? Did you buy it new?

Which Virus Protection program do you have? Have you ever done a long scan when you let it run all night?