Project rate.

Is it possible to correct, that immediately after import the figures of project rate in the left bottom corner would set automatically to 48000 Hz, independently of original imported file rate?

It doesn’t help.

Importing a file into an empty Audacity project will override Audacity’s default project rate. This prevents data loss when working on files that have higher sample rates than Audacity’s default, and for single track projects it makes the exported file have the same sample rate of the imported file. If this behaviour is not what you want, then the project rate may be changed manually in the lower left corner of the main Audacity window.

The fact of the matter is that every time you have to manually. It would be better if the program switches itself (of course, if the user sets the appropriate setting) to 48000 Hz. And hardly anyone will import a file with a rate higher than 48000 Hz. The overwhelming majority of files are exported to mp3, and for this format, rate higher than 48,000 Hz can’t be put.

In my experience, one needs to keep an eye on the Project Rate field in lower left corner before exporting. I ruined a 32 kHz file last night after mixing down tracks about six times… when the default Project Rate was 22 kHz because I work lectures and talk shows. But this file had 32 kHz bumper music segments to include. Didn’t notice the reduced bandwidth (sampling) until the very end.


And my experience shows that it is easier to work with a keyboard (hot keys, for example) than with a mouse. And now you can use only mouse.

See: Commands and Keyboard Shortcut Reference - Audacity Manual

Is there a key that changes the project rate?! More precisely, allows to switch its value in the lower left corner. How!?

See: Selection Toolbar - Audacity Manual


Here too, there is (Rate), but this is not the same. Dear waxcylinder, changing default rate in preferences doesn’t affect on the value in the left corner. It is always equal to original file value.

That one is a bit tricky unless you have a screen reader to help identify where you are in the interface.
“Ctrl + F6” to move focus to the toolbars, then “Tab” through to the Project Rate box, then type in the required project rate.

Yes it’s easier to do that with a mouse, which for a sighted person is no great hardship, especially as you will only need to do it once in the lifetime of the project.

Thank you! Of course, in practice it is of little use, but, in principle, it is possible.