Project Crashed While Compressing, Now I Can't Open It At All!

I was in the home stretch of working on a 2 hour podfic (like an audiobook for fanfiction), I saved it just before I tried out Chris’ Dynamic Compressor again. I’d done it once and it was fine but I didn’t like the results, so I undid it and tried again, only it crashed on me.

I ended up getting busy so I didn’t have the time to reopen it for a few hours. But when I tried to pick up where I left off, EVERY TIME I tried opening the project file or the recovered file, the program froze and I’d have to force quit out of it. Ive looked at a bunch of forum answers to similar problems, and nothing has worked (like restarting my device, looking for autosave files, and deleting the cfg files for audacity to reset). I have a feeling the file is corrupted but I don’t know how the fix it. And the audio is supposed to be entered in a few days for a fandom event (I know, not huge, but I was excited about it). I’ve already spent probably close to 10 hours on this and I can’t even fathom having to redo everything.

Any info or suggestions would be super appreciated!!

I’m on windows 10, latest version 3.1.3

Yes. There are instructions posted here for repairing a corrupt file: Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery :smiley:

However, none of the corrupt files I have seen exhibit the symptoms you are describing. :frowning:

Have you checked that you have sufficient available disk? You should have at least 3 times the size of your .aup3 file available - and you need even more for undo space: a simple amplify will double the size of disk being used before you save and exit Audacity.

If you try the recovery efforts and are still having problems later on, let me know. I’ll take a look at your .aup3 project then.

If you mean how much space is on my hard drive, I have almost 200G of space. The projects is about 7G right now.

I tried the link and followed the instructions and got as far step 9, when it told me ‘unable to open database file’ which is worrying. And I’m not sure what to do next.

Ill gladly send you the project file if it comes to it, but it might take a while for me to upload it because my connection is so slow.
Screenshot 2022-02-09 141223.png

Not to worry - yet! This message indicates that the file you were trying to open does not exist. (I know - while this message is technically correct - it is quite confusing, misleading, and more importantly, worrying ). In this case, you renamed your file to “broken.aup3.aup3”, but you were trying to open “broken.aup3” (This may have been a “gift” from Windows). The file name that you see in “dir” must match the name that you typed in your command.

So if your file ends up as “broken.aup3.aup3”, then use the command:

audacity-project-tools -drop_autosave broken.aup3.aup3


audacity-project-tools -recover_db -recover_project broken.aup3.aup3

I think something must have worked, I think one of the earlier steps stopped audacity from keeping the autosave file? Cause suddenly I had a new open project saying that this was the last version they had because I didnt save properly, but it’s the exact version I wanted. So huzzah!!

Thank you so much! I’ll keep that recovery page on file!

I’m glad this worked out for you. Thanks for the report! :smiley:

Yes, this is a normal and expected message that you get every time you run this procedure - go figure! :smiley: