Project backup - no longer lossless files? [SOLVED]


In the previous version of Audacity a “backup” was saving each track as a WAV lossless file.

This was removed in Audacity 3 I believe, as the current backup simply saves the same .aup file which will be irretrievable if the Audacity has crashed, and I need to use another DAW to complete my project.

Why did you remove this safe backup option? I read in another post your advice to always save the projects as WAV files, but without the instructions how to do it as this function is no longer available. Disappointing.

How can I save my project files in the lossless WAV format?

I can see that I can export the project as WAV - but this is not the same as backing it up as WAV.

Exporting creates just one file. The old back up was saving each track separately as WAV.

why did you remove this function?

You can use Export Multiple (by tracks option) to Export each track as a separate WAV file.

Note carefully that this will render and Pan/Gain and Envelope settings that you have for the tracks.



yes, thanks.

still this doesn’t replace the previous backup function in WAV.

If the aim is to make a backup, use “File menu > Save Project > Backup Project”.

project backups are no longer available in lossless WAV.

Why? Why was this function removed?

Because there is no longer a _data folder to put the WAV files in.

In the old “AUP + _data” format, the WAV files replace the .AU files in the “_data” folder. It would be possible for Audacity to replace the audio data in an AUP3 with WAV files, but pointless as you can’t directly access the contents of an AUP3 file.

As already said:

  1. If you want WAV file backups, use “Export Multiple” (based on Tracks) See:
  2. If you want a backup of the complete project, use “File menu > Save Project > Backup Project”.

ok, thank you.

happy to mark it as solved.