Process with Compressor or Limiter?

Have a look at the source file below, a downloaded MP3 at 128 kbps.
I tried both Limiter (top) using +3dB amplification then Limiter, another +3dB amp then Limiter, a third +3dB amp then Limiter, and finally a +1 dB amp with Limiter.
Also tried a 8:1 Compressor (bottom) based on Peaks. The RMS values seem higher with Compressor.

Please comment on the pros and cons of these methods.



What’s the show and what’s the goal?


It’s a talk show at 44 kHz which I re-sample at 22 kHz.

The goal is to even out the levels and increase overall amplitude.

Here’s the 8:1 compressor settings…
8-1_compressor _settings.png
Oops, that’s 10:1 but you get the idea.

Pros and cons?


LevelSpeech2.NY plugin has the best of both worlds : it’s quicker than Audacity’s native compressor,
but unlike Audacity’s native limiter, it can have different attack & release times.

I like the way that works. Now to exercise the parameters.

What is LevelSpeech? a previous version with less features?