Problems recording with UA 1G

Hey for the post up above, I tried out my UA1G on a different computer with no turntables or any cords. Just the USB and drivers. I didn’t get any error message when I recorded and although nothing could be recorded (nothing was plugged into it), it still worked fine. So I brought it upstairs to the troubled computer and only plugged in the USB part with the same exact settings as the working computer. I still got the same error message.

It is something with my computer or audacity, which pisses me off because the same setup used to work before flawlessly on windows 7. Also, yes the advanced driver is on and has been on. For the second part, do you want me to download the UA-25 advanced driver for my UA1G? I can try this, but I don’t know if it will work.

Thanks again for helping out.

No, no, no … - I only included that link to show that there is an example of successful usage of a UA-1G with W7, and that it only worked in W7 when run in advanced mode - sorry for any confusion.

ok so it works on the downstairs computer but not the upstairs one - which means that the UA-1G should be ok - which then means it is either Audacity (your preferences settings most likely) or you upstairs PC that is at fault.

What, if any, differences are there betwen the Audacity Preferences settings on your downstairs versus your upstairs computers? In particular, you do have the troubled upstairs computer set to record 2-channels (stereo) in Preferences > Devices or in the Audacity Device Toolbar ?

Any chance you can test out a full recording on the downstairs PC just so we can rule out a faulty UA-1G completely?


Hey, I put the downstairs computer at the same settings. 44.1, 16 bit, set my default device, etc etc. I couldnt really bring my entire set up down stairs so I just used the RCA cords to do a test. I would tap the insides of the “in” on my UA1G and could hear the static or whatever was going on when I did that when I would record. So I know its getting sound and it works fine.

I’ve been thinking, since its not working upstairs on both sound recorder and audacity, I’m guessing it has something to do with my control panel and the recording section on my control panel mixer thing. I’ve been noticing some strange sound related issues recently, things like when someone messages me on steam (gaming thing), all of my other volume related things go all the way down. I even made sure to turn off the setting that makes it so that steam gets privileges over other programs and won’t do that, however it still happens. I’m about 99% sure that it is something related to my computer though.

Basically, is there any default setting I should have, what should I be doing in that sound panel area? Any suggestions? It seems that even when I set my UA1G as my default device, my desktop microphone still works fine and seems to still be default, even if it says otherwise.

Im inclined to very much agree that it is something related to your computer.

I am an XP user so am unaware of the intricacies of W7 settings - my wife however runs a ;laptop with W7 so I may be able to try out my UA-1EX on that at the wekend.


Aha! A partial success! I was desperately trying to figure out what was wrong and I found the semi-problem. When I first started up my computer, I loaded up Audacity and pressed record to find that it started recording. No error message. I thought I was just very lucky. So I started Serato Scratch Live to try and record music. The weird thing was, it said, “Serato USB has been disconnected,” or some kind of error message stating that I hadn’t plugged my USB thing in. So I kept recording on audacity and replugged my USB thing in. It still didn’t work.

After this, I pressed stop to stop the recording on audacity and reconnected my serato USB. From there serato booted up and I could now see my two decks. However, when I tried to press record again, I got the same error message that I had been getting before.

So it seems the problem is either with scratch live, or my USB, or some kind of line in issue. Is there a special way I should be setting up Serato or my Rane SL1 (the sort of box for Serato). For the SL-1, I have my left and right decks connected into the inputs with my outputs being connected at the “line” setting, instead of the “thru setting.” Or is there something I can fiddle with so that I can have both up?

I fixed it. It’s pretty damn stupid though. I updated my BIOS (SL apparently has some problems with out of date bios’s) and re-did my USB set configuration. My SL is now on a USB 2.0 port instead of a USB 3.0 port and my UA1G has to be in a USB hub for it to work. If it is put in anything else, nothing works. Thanks for all the help, waxy you’re awesome.

Glad you finally got it working dustball.

And this is me “writing this down” for future reference - who’d have thought you’d have to go to those lengths.

I’m guessing that it all had something to do with two USB devices (the UA-1G and the SL/Rane) conflicting with each other (but I’m not technical enough these days to really comment on this). Odd too that you have to have the UA-1G plugged into a hub - that’s one of the things that we normally advise strongly against doing. But it’s working now, so carry on playing/recording and having audio fun …