Problems getting a SoundLab G056C to play nicely

Hi all,

I have a SoundLab G056C USB turntable but I’m having trouble finding out how to get it to work with Audacity. For one thing I can’t detect it in Windows or Mac - I’m told it comes up with the usual “drivers installing” popup but that doesn’t happen on the Windows or Mac laptop I’ve plugged it into. One thing is that it’s plugged straight into the computer using a USB cable - I don’t think it needs a pre-amp but I don’t know that for sure (the manual says just plug it in).

Does anyone have any experience with this model, or any general advice to get this to be detected? Once it’s ‘there’ I can get Audacity to work with it no problem :slight_smile:

[if it’s a USB turntable it won’t need a pre-amp]

Also, have a look at this article in the Wiki: