problems for users Exporting MP3 Tracks Lame file

I have installed audacity in the IT suite at a local school.
When trying to export MP3 tracks it has asked for the lame_enc.dll file. I downloaded the file and moved to the C:program filesaudacity directory i logged on as an administrator as a test and pointed to the file - it works fine exporting MP3 but i now have another problem!
Each time a different student logs on to a computer with there logon account and try to export music in audacity the message appears asking for this file??? Because they do not have access to the c drive i had to copy the file to a redirected desktop so they can point to the file this way.

I have gone in to the preferences of the software and looked at the support on the website but have found no solution. Has anyone else had this and found a fix?

I have the work around for now but it would be nice if the software could integrate exporting mp3 automatically looking at the file from its own directory.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
Many thanks

You may find it easier to find your self a standalone MP3 encoder (a bit og Googling should help you find one). You can then get the students to export their projects as WAV files and then use the external encoder.

A key advantage that you may gain is that external standalone MP3 encoders normally give you access to greater functionality, thus giving you more control, over the somewhat limited interface that is implemented in the Audacity LAME plugin.


I have a similar problem. Up until yesterday I had been exporting mp3 file and then the option stopped showing up on my drop down list. Don not know what to do…help.

Go to Edit → Preferences → Modules and make sure mod-mp3 (and everything else) is enabled.

Thank you for your help! worked perfect.