Problem with playback speed control in Audacity 2.3.1


i’m using win10. just switched over to audacity 2.3.1 after some days of audio hang-up issues with “device not recognized errors”.

i use the playback speed control constantly every day while remastering to check for dropouts and be sure there aren’t artefacts left from the repair feature or volume adjustments on small segments.

when i highlight a wav segment and slow down the sound with the playback speed slider and use the “play-at-speed” button, there is a brief pause, a fast click (or clicks) and a lurch into playback mode.

since i am trying to confirm if my repairs worked these are rather extreme problems - both the delay and the clicks.

any suggestions would be quite welcome. my apologies if this issue is addressed elsewhere in the forums.

thanks for audacity!


Sorry, this is a bug we found last August:

But as yet we have been unable to fix it.

And I just tested on W10 and Mac on the latest alpha builds for the upcoming 2.3.2 and I confirm this problem is still there.