Problem with playback of recording

I recorded an audio conversation and saved it using Audacity 2.0.3 on a laptop running Win7. When Audacity saved the audio recording (which I named xyzcall) it did so in subfolders called “e00” and subfolder to that of “d00”. In the “d00” folder are 66 files named " Why did Audacity chop up this one audio recording into 66 files and how do I get Audacity to play them all back as just one continuous recording (with all files in the correct order)???

How do I get Audacity to record the file as just one single, continuous audio recording in the future??

Thanks for your help,

See this page from the manual on how Audacity projects are structured:


In other words, do File > Export… when you want to save the recording for use in other programs (as the warning states when you save the Audacity Project) .


As Gale says - and if you need to re-open the Audacity project open the xyzcall.aup file

don’t mess with the xyzcall folder that contains all the little audio clips